Will Work for Medical Supplies


In the week after the earthquake, those of us there to provide urgent care for injured citizens found ourselves short of everything….antibiotics, anesthesia, sterilizing equipment, crutches, plaster…you name it. Many of us honed our skills at barter and trade in order to acquire the minimum necessary equipment and supplies to treat the critically injured.

In this video, I made my way to the US Military Medical Command at the airport with a couple of colleagues in search of some specialized equipment for the operating room at King’s Hospital in Port Au Prince. If you want to know what we had to trade for the equipment we got, shoot me a note….it’s not for the feint of heart.

The airport was a free for all. Noise and activity from all directions. But we succeeded and saved numerous lives as a result. My thanks to the men and women of the US Military who found the compassion to help us help others on numerous occasions….

Andrew S. Davidson

President and CEO

Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems

503.636.2204 (ofc)

503.705.7068 (mobile)



One Response to “Will Work for Medical Supplies”

  1. Cheryl Merriam Says:

    I just received the link for your blog and have marveled at the wonderful work you were able to participate in! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Cheryl Merriam

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